Limited 1-3-10 Year Rod Warranty



Provided that you, upon purchase have registered (Register Here) your product and you are the original owner, our 1,3, or 10 Year warranty will cover most failures due to normal fishing situations. Please send your Rod to us for a warranty evaluation. If your Rod broke because of material, or craftsmanship it will be replaced quickly and at no charge other than the return shipping. If we determine it broke by abuse or misuse we will contact you and offer you a replacement at a reasonable charge. Broken Guides are not covered under any 13 warranties. Guides are inexpensively and quickly replaced at most quality Fishing Tackle Shops.

But beware that a bent or damaged frame, cracked ring etc are usually caused through misuse of the rod and will not be covered under warranty.

Please understand Rods aren’t indestructible and must be used in a reasonable manor to the type of fishing they were designed for. Using rods outside their intended application may result in damage and will void any warranty.

If you broke your rod fishing 50lb braid on a 10lb rod, or lifting a giant fish into your boat using only your rod then please do not claim under warranty. 

  • Envy Rod Series: 10 year Warranty*
  • Omen Rod Series: 3 year Warranty*



Replacement Shipping Procedure


Important: Ship all rods postage prepaid. Include a completed Warranty/Replacement/Repair Form for all Warranty Program returns. To help save on incoming shipping, feel free to cut the rod in smaller sections, if sending in for warranty evaluation be sure to clearly mark the original broken spot and make sure that section is at least 60cm long. All rods returned must have the section on the rod with the label(model number) to qualify for replacement. We recommend that you send the product to us via the South African Post Office, this can be done quickly and affordably. Be sure to send using a trackable carrier so that delivery can be verified if necessary. Please do not send in rods with broken guides only, we are happy to send out a replacement guide in the mail if you contact us by email( It is much more time effective to have a guide repaired locally than it is to ship the rod.


Reel Warranty Policy


We warrant that this product will be free from defects in material or workmanship for the period of one year* from the date of purchase. Abuse, improper use, dirt, rust or normal scratching or wear marks will not be covered under this warranty policy. External or Internal damage or malfunction due to the reel being pulled apart and put back together incorrectly will also not be covered under warranty.
For service, repairs and warranty evaluations please send your reel postage pre-paid to the address below:




For all warranty and non-warranty service, please send your product(s) with prepaid postage to:

13 Fishing South Africa
9 Deborah Crescent
Durban, KZN 3610


Important: A dated sales receipt, your name, address, telephone number(s), and email address must accompany all Warranty requests. A brief description of the problems related to your request should also be included to help us understand exactly how we can repair/replace your product. Your warranty is effective from date of purchase should you have registered your product.

*Katharos Agencies (Pty) Ltd has a warranty program that runs independently of that of the United States and any other country or distributor of 13 Fishing and ONE 3 fishing products. Only locally purchased and registered equipment will be eligible for any and all warranty claims should they be deemed applicable. Warranty claims where a series or generation of equipment is no longer available or out of stock, Katharos Agencies will provide a replacement or suggest a suitable alternative to successful warranty claims. This applies to all rods, reels and additional equipment.*

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